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bouquet of assorted-color flowers hanged on brown plank at an outdoor wedding

9 of the Biggest Wedding Trends for 2022

December 13, 2021

The past year has seen more unique weddings than ever before as couples and wedding planners have had to adapt to restrictions and new desires. This has set the stage for a new unique set of wedding trends for 2022. You’ll find some couples choosing affordable wedding venues in Montgomery County, PA, like Presidential Caterers, and others opting for resourceful destination weddings—both of which are part of the most popular wedding trends for the upcoming year.

Smaller Wedding Guest Lists in 2022
More Outdoor Weddings in 2022
An Increase of Live Entertainment for Weddings in 2022
Unique Wedding Photography in 2022
Creative Wedding Catering in 2022
Domestic Destination Weddings in 2022
Multi-Day Wedding Celebrations in 2022
More Weekday Weddings in 2022
Smaller Footprints for Weddings in 2022

Smaller Guest Lists at Weddings in 2022

Many couples have begun to significantly cut down the size of their guest lists to create more intimate weddings. The fewer people, the more meaningful the celebration will be for those guests. Plus, couples can save a few bucks while still spoiling all their closest friends and family with great food and entertainment.

More Outdoor Weddings

Mr and Mrs signage at an outdoor wedding in montgomery count pa

While Covid-19 may have forced some weddings to go outdoors, this coming year will see a whole lot more outdoor celebration. With ample space and natural decorations, outdoor weddings can be both elegant and relaxed, depending on your preferred style.

An Increase of Live Entertainment for Weddings in 2022

Instead of going with a typical wedding DJ, many couples have been moving towards live performers. Live music creates an environment that recorded music from a DJ cannot match. Next year’s weddings will see local bands, pianists, and string quartets, all of which bodes well with an outdoor celebration.

Unique Wedding Photography

person taking picture at a wedding with DSLR camera

The photography industry is always moving forward as trends come and go. When it comes to photographing weddings, there has always been a classic style. In 2022, that’s set to change. Photographers and couples alike are finding themselves drawn to a mix of raw yet colorful and creative photography options which will bring life to the way memories are captured.

Creative Wedding Catering in 2022

Weddings are getting more creative each year, and weddings in 2022 are about to raise the bar for inventive food catering. Many couples and wedding planners have started using ideas like food trucks and personalized food trays to serve their guests. Be ready to see a mix of sushi, Spanish tapas, taco bars, and dessert platters. The experts at Presidential Caterers can help take care of this!

Domestic Destination Weddings

Who said a destination wedding had to be far away? Couples in 2022 are going to be all in on the domestic destination weddings. There are plenty of gorgeous wedding venues dotted all around the country where you can find affordable venues and gorgeous settings, right here in Montgomery County, PA.

Multiday Weddings Increasing in 2022

laptop with wedding to do list planning for a multiple day wedding

Typically, weddings are single-day events for all but the bridal party. However, next year, many weddings will break free from the idea of being one-day celebrations. Instead, many will have events scheduled the day before and brunch the day after. The multiday weddings will be increasing in popularity!

Weekday Weddings

There’s a tradition for weddings to be held on Fridays and Saturdays. However, 2022 is set to change that tradition. Next year will see weddings being held during the week allowing couples to save money and have more options for dates and venues.

Smaller Footprints for Weddings in 2022

From digital invites to environmentally friendly decorations and catering, many couples are opting for weddings that have a smaller footprint. Be ready for weddings that take advantage of local artists, recyclable decorations, and organic food.

Weddings are cherished events for both the newlyweds and the guests. At Presidential Caterers, we stay up to date with the latest trends in weddings to ensure each couple we help has an unforgettable wedding. Reach out to Presidential Caterers to learn more about how we can organize the perfect wedding to exceed all of your expectations.