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Wedding Reception Seating Ideas FAQ

February 10, 2022

Wedding planning goes through many different stages. First, you set your budget, brainstorm ideas and work on your guest list. After that, you get into the heavy lifting of the planning until finally, you’ve received your RSVPs, and the day is almost here. At this point, you may realize that you don’t know how to seat your guests. If this is you, the expert wedding planners at Presidential Caterers answer some wedding reception seating frequently asked questions, and give you some ideas to help ease all your worries!

How do you make a wedding reception seating chart?

The first step to making a wedding reception seating chart is to put yourself in the mind of a guest. Different guests have different expectations. The family wants to sit together and enjoy the union of the bride and groom. Friends are likely to prefer to sit together and celebrate a bit more.

Once you have a perspective of the guests, have a bit of fun and place people where common sense says! Take out some paper and pencil or use sticky notes to draw your tables and add names. You can start with your table and add family and close family friends. From there, begin to place the other guests around tables.

When should you make a wedding seating chart?

As soon as you have all your wedding guests confirmed, you should start making the chart. If you want to be proactive, you can start ahead of time and make temporary seating charts. In the case that someone you’ve already placed cannot come, you can easily swap them for another guest.

Should a wedding reception seating chart be organized alphabetically or by the table?

It’s always easier to organize the seating chart alphabetically. When all the guests arrive and look at the seating chart, there will be a bottleneck if they can’t find their table quickly. Organizing the chart alphabetically by the last name lets guests quickly see their table, so they can move on and let the rest of the guests see, too.

What’s the difference between escort cards and place cards?

Although they may seem similar, escort cards and place cards serve different purposes. Escort cards hold the guests’ names and tell them which table they’ll sit at. Place cards also have the guests’ names printed, but they tell the guest which seat is theirs at the already assigned table. These place cards also help catering services place food when guests choose entrees before the wedding.

Who usually sits at the top table at a wedding?

The top, or head table, is normally where the bride and groom sit. The newlyweds can decide to sit alone, or they can sit with members of the wedding party. In the former case, the table would be called a sweetheart table. However, in more traditional weddings, the bride and groom may sit with their families at the head table. Its all up to what you want to do.

Do the bride and groom’s parents sit together?

Traditionally, yes, the bride and groom’s parents sit together. After all, weddings are about joining two lives, so bringing the parents together during the celebration is the perfect way to show the union. At the same table, it’s common to put other family members like siblings, grandparents, or close friends of the family.

What should you keep in mind when assigning seating at your wedding reception?

Planning a seating chart shouldn’t be stressful or difficult. You know your guests, so sit them where it makes sense. However, one thing to stay away from that some weddings try is a singles table. Placing guests at a singles table may rub some guests the wrong way. Instead, mix couples with singles, so it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to make matches.

Creating a Wedding Reception Seating Chart Shouldn’t Be Complicated

You may have never thought about the seating chart for your wedding, but is certainly an important part of planning. That’s why many wedding planners charge a fortune! If you’re looking for an exceptional, yet affordable reception venue in Montgomery County, PA Presidential Caterers can help make sure everything goes off without any hiccups by providing personalized service that will create memories worth remembering forever.