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Wedding Hashtag Love Surrounded by Hearts

How to Come Up With A Perfect Wedding Hashtag

November 15, 2021

Weddings are some of the most special events in people’s lives as they celebrate the love shared between two people with all their friends and family around. Today, these celebrations are captured well and shared through photos and videos. However, it can be hard to track down all those memories. That’s why every wedding needs a hashtag! If you want to learn how to come up with a perfect hashtag for your wedding day, the premier wedding venue in the Montgomery County, PA area, Presidential Caterers, has some tips for you!

Creating a Wedding Hashtag With Last Names

The most simple place to begin, start from zero—that means your names. You want your wedding guests to remember and use your hashtag, so adding your names ensures they remember it.

You can use both the bride’s and groom’s last names or just the groom’s last name. If you want to make your hashtag a little more fun and creative, you can use nicknames from your childhood or college.

Rhyme or Use Funny Wedding Hashtags

To make it fun and memorable, you can make it rhyme. The easiest way to do this is to find a word that rhymes with the last name of the groom. You can consult a rhyming dictionary or even a hashtag generator to come up with something unique.

The more catchy your hashtag is, the more likely your wedding guests will use it. Also, if you can incorporate something from pop culture like a song lyric or a popular phrase, your hashtag will be a guaranteed success.

Punny Wedding Hashtags

If you haven’t been successful in finding a catchy rhyme, try to make it punny instead. Wedding hashtags that incorporate puns are always hits. Use your names and look for alliterations, synonyms, or even get creative with popular wedding phrases like “getting hitched” or “tying the knot”.

Wedding hashtags are meant to be memorable, so creating a funny pun is one of the best ways to get that done. Enlist the help of witty friends and family to help brainstorm ideas, and you’ll be sure to come up with a winner.

Check for Uniqueness of the Hashtag Ideas

Each year there are thousands of weddings, and most of them are likely to have hashtags. You need to make sure that your hashtag is unique. Search your hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media platforms to see if it has been used.

Originality is key. If you find a wedding that has used your hashtag, rhyme, or pun, you’ll need to make it more unique. You may have to completely change your rhyme or make a small change, like adding the year of your wedding, or something else small to make it more unique.

How to Display and Promote Your Hashtag

Once you’ve figured out your wedding hashtag, you have to make sure everyone knows it before the day of the wedding. The more exposure your wedding hashtag has, the more it’ll be used. A few other places you may want to display your hashtag as well:

  • The Welcome Sign
  • At the Bar
  • Your Favors
  • The Program for the Ceremony
  • The Wedding Menu

You can post engagement photos on social media with your hashtag, send out save-the-dates with the hashtag, and put it on your wedding website. Consider talking to your closest friends and family and ask them to help spread awareness by posting with the hashtag as well.

Have Fun Creating Your Hashtag for Your Wedding

Hashtags are important pieces of weddings, especially nowadays, so they should be created early in the wedding planning process. If you’re starting to make plans for your wedding, and you need help finding an affordable wedding venue in Montgomery County, PA, contact Presidential Caterers today! We can help you with your planning and provide more tips to ensure your dream day exceeds your expectations.