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People After a Wedding Reception With Sparklers

11 Creative Wedding After Party Ideas Your Guests Will Love

February 10, 2023

So you just got done having, oh, we don’t know, the most fantastic wedding ever, and you crushed the reception as well. But you know that in your heart, you aren’t done having fun. For as many memories as you can create at the reception, you can always create even more with an after-party. If you want to continue celebrating your nuptials after the reception but you don’t have any ideas, don’t worry. After all, we are Montgomery County, PA’s premier wedding venue, so we know a thing or two about getting, as the kids say, “turnt up” after tying the knot. Here are some fantastic wedding after party ideas for you to use!

Sing Your Heart Out at Karaoke

As Shania Twain once said, “let’s go, girls.” Sometimes, you just gotta sing it out! Hit up a karaoke night at a local bar or reserve a spot there. It’s a perfect opportunity for you and your “I do crew” to let loose after a long period of planning and prepping. So get your singing pipes ready and dazzle everyone with your showstopping performance.

Club Going Up (On Whatever Day Your Getting Married)

Okay, so singing isn’t your thing, and you don’t want the world to know that you sound like a dollar-store Selena Gomez. That’s okay because you can always hit the club up as well! But remember that this isn’t just any ordinary night out with your girls where you have to wait in line with your painful heels on. You got to do it big because it’s your day, so make sure to book a VIP table ahead of time! And oh yeah, if you’re going to drink, do it responsibly and order top shelf!

Go to a Dive Bar

So a club isn’t your scene, dive bars are cool too! Order some dirt cheap beers, shoot some pool or even try your hand at a good old-fashioned game of darts. Many dive bars even have some aforementioned karaoke where you can sing some of your favorite tunes.

Neon Bar Sign

Book a Comedian

Laughter is always the best medicine in sickness or health. That’s why it might be a good idea to kick your feet up, relax and chuckle at an excellent comedian’s expense! Many venues won’t allow for loud music to play after a specific time, but comedy isn’t considered music, is it?

Rent a Cool House

You and your guests may want to continue to get a little rowdy and have more fun after you tie the knot. While being at a hotel is fantastic, there is always the issue of you and your party being too noisy and potentially inviting some unwanted guests to your rooms (i.e., the hotel manager). Instead, try booking an incredible house on Vrbo or AirBnB with excellent amenities like a pool or game room that could make for some great memories.

Game It Up Like It’s the 80’s

The 1980’s were a simple and fantastic time when you could hop on your bike with a pocket full of quarters and spend hours at the local arcade. Get those nostalgic feels by taking your guests to an arcade yourself! You and your forever soulmate can beat some high scores in a game of Mr. and Mrs. Pacman or battle it out in an intense air hockey game!

Arcade Machines

A Chill Night Under the Stars

The after-party doesn’t need to be a party at all. Dust off that telescope, find an area with little to no light pollution and check out the fantastic star constellations that mother nature created! You can even snag some blankets and lay underneath the stars as you reminisce about the evening’s festivities.

Love on the Silver Screen

You just lived through your fairy tale ending. Why not see another one on the movie screen? Rent out a movie theatre for your special private screening! Whether you’re in the mood to laugh, cry or be scared, there’s always a movie for you and your party to enjoy. Remember the popcorn and drinks as well!


After a long night of dancing, drinks and good times, who doesn’t want to indulge in the caloric greatness of food truck cuisine? Find a few food trucks to swing by your venue after your reception to serve you and your guests. You can chow down on some tacos, burgers or poutine (it’s a Canadian delicacy, so you should try it).

Two People Standing in front of a Food Truck

Get Some Smores and Have a Bonfire

Another chill option for those who get tired quickly, bonfires are a terrific option all year round. It allows you and your guests to sit by the fire, relax and converse. You could also create a unique camping experience if you and your guests are outdoorsy.

Cheer on Your Favorite Team!

If you are willing to skip the wedding reception altogether, or if your reception is early enough in the day, you can catch a game with you and your guests. Teams sometimes go out of their way to accommodate wedding parties by putting them in suites or even treating them to complimentary concessions. Now that sounds like a slam dunk!

Whatever you decide to do, your after-party should accommodate you and your needs because it is your day, after all! Another aspect that should be accommodated for you and your needs is the venue. So don’t settle for just any place. Contact us if you’re looking for the best wedding and event venue in Montgomery County, PA! When it comes to your wedding, we’ll ensure that the style, cuisine and attention to detail are all on point.