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Plants on Table for Wedding Favors

16 Unique and Affordable Wedding Favor Ideas

November 11, 2022

When it comes to wedding favors, many couples feel like they have to break the bank in order to give their guests a unique and memorable gift. However, this does not have to be the case! Plenty of affordable favor ideas will make your guests happy without putting a dent in your budget. The experts at Presidential Caterers offer ideas for 16 unique wedding favor ideas that won’t break the bank.

1. Personalized cookies or candies

Customize your wedding favors by having personalized cookies or candies made with your names and wedding date on them. If you want, you can try and make your own! This is a sweet treat that your guests will love.

2. Succulents or mini plants

Give your guests something they can take home and enjoy for years to come, with succulents or mini plants as favors. Showcasing your talent or hard work is a great way to make guests feel special, and what better way to do that than by offering them a plant?

Succulent Plant for Wedding Favor

3. Coasters

If you’re having a more casual wedding, coasters are a practical yet fun favor option. You can even have them personalized with a funny quote or saying for a memorable and affordable idea that your guests will love!

4. Customized matchboxes

Another practical and budget-friendly favor idea is customized matchboxes. Try getting the matchheads to match the colors or theme of your wedding.

5. Personalized candles

Candles make lovely decorations for a wedding, and they also work great as favors. Give each guest their own votive candle with their name on it to double as a place card. Or, present guests with a selection of handmade candles in different scents to choose from.

Candles for Wedding Favors

6. Mini bottles of champagne or local liquor

Give your guests a small bottle of bubbly or liquor to take home with them, so the party can continue when they leave. It’s a favor that everyone will appreciate, and you’ll be happy knowing it went to good use.

7. Whimsical sunglasses

If you’re getting married in beautiful weather, hand out sunglasses to your guests before the ceremony so they can stay sun-safe. These can also be customized with your name, wedding date or a hashtag related to your theme.

8. Customized playing cards

Another budget-friendly favor idea is customized playing cards. These can be personalized with your name, wedding date, or a funny saying related to your wedding theme for added entertainment value.

Deck of Cards for Wedding Favor

9. Personalized hand sanitizer

Personalized hand sanitizer bottles make for a meaningful and practical wedding favor that your guests will appreciate. Using glass bottles and sustainable, skin-friendly ingredients can elevate the gift to something more luxurious.

10. DIY cocktail mixers

For more adult weddings, DIY cocktail mixers make for a unique and budget-friendly favor idea. The best thing about DIY cocktail mixers is that they only require alcohol! You can find various recipes, from expresso martinis to margaritas.

11. Koozies

Give your guests a reason to keep their drinks cold with custom-designed koozies. Whether you want them to display something funny, your pets or just commemorate the special day, these fun accessories will do the trick!

Wedding Koozies

12. Personalized lip balm

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly wedding favor that will also be practical, look no further than personalized lip balm. You can even add your names and wedding date to the label to make it more personal.

13. DIY hot chocolate mix

DIY hot chocolate mix for winter weddings is a budget-friendly favor idea that your guests will appreciate and enjoy. Add all the ingredients in a bag or mason jar and include personalized tags.

14. Customized coffee or tea bags

Always a winning gift, caffeine boosts are inexpensive to give. Buy your favorite coffee bean or tea in bulk and put them in metal canisters with a cute DIY label.

Black Bag of Coffee

15. Personalized hand fans

If you’re having a summer wedding, personalized hand fans make for a budget-friendly and practical favor idea for your guests. Have them printed with both of your faces on either side and make it really fun!

16. Scratch off lottery tickets

This could work perfectly with a retro wedding theme. Buy a lotto ticket, put it in a gift card sleeve and then handwrite or use a typed label along with a custom stamp you’ve hopefully used somewhere else in your wedding decor. Make sure to tell guests if they hit big, they will have to share!

No matter what wedding favor ideas you choose, remember that the thought counts! Your guests will appreciate any token of appreciation for attending your big day. At Presidential Caterers, we hope these budget-friendly wedding favor ideas helped inspire you for your special