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Spring Wedding Ideas for 2025

June 2, 2024

Spring is one of the best times of year to have a wedding. Not only are temperatures rising and flowers starting to bloom, but it’s also outside the peak wedding season, so prices are often more affordable. As someone who’s about to plan a wedding, you may be overwhelmed at how expensive they can get. Check out these spring wedding ideas for 2025 to give you an affordable yet dreamy wedding!

Substitute Expensive Flower Arrangements for Wildflowers

Wildflowers in a Field for Wedding

Hiring a florist to create wedding bouquets and other floral arrangements can often cost a pretty penny. Instead, take advantage of the time of year and go out with friends and family to pick wildflowers! You can put wildflowers in mason jars to make beautiful yet simple floral arrangements or spread flower petals on the floor for the perfect aisle decoration.

Keep a Refined Guest List

The more guests you and your spouse invite, the higher the wedding bill becomes. Instead of inviting all old friends, coworkers, and extended family, go for a smaller wedding to make it more affordable.

Not only will cutting down the guest list save you money, but it will also create a more intimate environment and make the wedding more memorable for all involved. We predict that this will be a trend many weddings will adopt this year.

Choose the Right Venue for Your Reception

The importance of a wedding venue can’t be understated. You have to find a venue that checks all your boxes, is available for the dates that you want, and is in your price range. If you’re looking for affordable wedding venues in Montgomery, County, PA, talk to the wedding professionals at Presidential Caterers!

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invites With Black Envelopes

Not only are DIY projects trendy and fun, but they can also help you save a lot of money. Bring that trend to your wedding invitations to cut your wedding bill down. In an average wedding with 100 guests, the price of invitations can range from $400 to $600.

By making and sending your own invitations, you can significantly reduce your total costs and show your guests that you truly value their attendance.

Invite Help from Creative Friends to Help Plan Your Wedding

Keeping up with the trend of DIY, if you have creative, artsy friends willing to get involved in your wedding planning, enlist them for help! You can collaborate on creating centerpieces for tables, making custom wedding signs, and much more.

Having friends help with your wedding decorations can help cut costs and give your friends exposure to their creativity.

Wear Pastel Colors

While this isn’t a secret for everyone, many people are unaware that the color of a dress, shirt, or suit can greatly influence the price of the product. Bright-colored clothes typically have a higher price tag as they’re associated with celebrations. Luckily, pastels—a great choice for the Spring—are often much cheaper than brighter colors.

Presidential Caterers is the Most Affordable and Luxurious Wedding Venue in the Montgomery County, PA Area

It’s no secret that many couples spend years saving up to pay for their wedding. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of ideas to make your wedding more affordable, especially in the spring. Contact Presidential Caterers today if you want to learn more about booking your wedding for Spring 2025!